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Software Development
for Any Device.

We generally advocate for a distributed approach, where the core processing of your application happens in the cloud, and can be accesed via device-specific interfaces. This means we can easily create mobile, web, desktop, TV, and voice-controlled apps, or bots.


Programming and
Development Training.

We help your organization create high-performance teams. The industry practices we follow and teach are inherited from leading, proven sources.

  • Agile Architecture and Design

    Deliver value fast without sacrificing quality.

  • Clean Code

    Maintenance, QA, Team collaboration.

  • Refactoring

    Future Growth, Maintenance.

  • Working with Legacy Systems

    Maintenance. Reduce risk of breaking existing code.

  • Automated Testing and Test-Driven Development

    Future Growth, Maintenance, QA.

  • Managing Expectations

    Communicating effectively. Avoiding mistakes due deadline pressures.

"Thanks for all your help, the training has really helped me this past year and I have grown as a developer so much."

Michael L., Principal Software Engineer

CTO as a Service.

We help your reach your technical goals. From creating Software products to building your own development team.

Our experience with enterprise and modern technology helps us find an efficient solution for your needs. Our work ranges from funded startups to world-renowned companies.


Consulting Sessions.

There are many ways to solve problems through technology. We'll analyze your case and consider your unique position.

Once we understand where you are and what you're trying to achieve, we'll work to deliver a report with different options to meet your needs (including their costs, risks, and benefits). We offer hourly phone/remote consultations, and weekly rates for longer on-site investigations.

  • "I was ready to pull the trigger contracting months of custom software services [from another company]. The folks at Dynamic.Tech listened to our needs and suggested several options to achieve our goals much sooner, and just for a fraction of the price."