Get Rapid Development Delivery with TDD

by Enrique Cerda

We live in a world where technology in hardware and software changes at a very fast pace. The industry has to keep up with customer’s demands in order to keep their loyalty. This means new product releases or adaptations and modifications to existing products at that same pace. For such and many other reasons, developers NEED to keep updating their skills and knowledge.

New methodologies have become popular concerning the agility to which the industry addresses these changes. I would like to emphasize the importance of Test Driven Development in this fast-paced environment and how it can become one, if not the most, important tool in your toolset, it will help you face the increased demand and make you feel sure about your changes when rapid delivery is needed.

Committed with Agile methodologies and clean code, Dynamic.Tech is planning a series of video blogs for developers for them to be able to face these everlasting changes. They will be aimed to all levels of experience. These techniques are timeproof and thus, if applied correctly, will shield your software to those daily changes and adaptable to new ones.

Test Driven Development has been approached in our series of blogs in a more informative and technical fashion. This time, you will be placed in a day-to-day situation where planning is done according to customer wants that, as we all know, are needed for yesterday. How will I be sure that what I’m writing is going to work? Will my changes handle production workloads? What will happen if …? The only way to be sure, is to receive feedback from your code from the tests that you will present to it. You will learn how to afront change requests without breaking your code, and deliver according to plan.


As in the mid 90s, when the food delivery industry started to offer fast deliveries and risked giving a free meal if too much time was taken to get the food to the customer’s door, software and hardware have needed to adapt in order to meet increasingly frequent demands as well. To deliver on time, having a suite of tests will not suffice, having a delivery pipeline where everything is automated is needed, starting with self-running tests, all the way to automatic compilation for release.

We will focus on a small part of this process, tests, with an example written with test-driven development. Software engineers will be able to grasp the importance of applying it and the effects of not having tests.

From big to small things, from having a simple save-and-test command, to a complete delivery process for continuous integration. Everything matters. How can you make your tests quick? Start by making sure you get feedback ASAP.

This may mean to set up your dev environment with a simple command where tests are run when a change is detected on your code. Even the extra motion of changing from code editor to test runner should be more than enough for you to consider automating the action to gain valuable time. Agility means everything when it comes to rapid delivery.

Dynamic.Tech is eager to share this tips and tricks with you and help you become sure of your rapid deliveries by writing helpful tests, modeling the needs of your user and covering edge cases that may present on production.

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