Key Factors to hire Nearshore Software Development Outsourcing Companies

The talent for software development is indistinct of the location of the person writing the code. In the business world, two determining factors for company’s growth are quality & the ability to respond to change.

In this post we will describe key factors to hire a Nearshore software development team that mixes excellent quality, experience & communication skills to achieve strategic objectives.

Why Hire a Nearshore Software Development Team?

Let’s start by defining a Nearshore software developer or programmer. The term refers to a specialist in programming languages who works outside the country where the company or individual who has decided to hire their services is registered.

This specific type of software outsourcing refers to hiring a company located in countries close to yours, for example if you are in the United States, you can include Mexico or Canada, which have the advantage of being in similar time zones & within comfortable distance for air or ground travel.

Hiring a professional Nearshore company for software development is simple, legal, and financially viable. These are some of its main advantages.


Main advantages of hiring Nearshore software development teams

Increased productivity

By not investing in an internal software development teams, you avoid dealing with problems due poorly trained developers. Relying on a high quality provider allows you to concentrate on driving the business execution.

Access to a wide pool of international talent

You have access to a wide variety of international and highly experienced software developers, with the characteristics you are looking for, and excellent overall value.


By hiring an offshore software development team to work alongside your organization, it is also possible to save on costs due the regional price differences, and improve the profitability of the company. You can find professional talent to boost your productivity by hiring software teams outside expensive tech hubs.

This is the main reason why globalization is benefiting companies that have considered this option for their growth.

Long-term benefits

Although all companies seek short-term benefits, waste of time and money is a common result if the long-term impact of our day-to-day actions is not measured.

Nearshore Software development services never replace on-site teams, rather they complement each other. On-site teams have face-to-face access to stakeholders, while remote teams are usually less involved in bureaucracy and can focus on technical goals. In the end we are part of the same organization, pushing for the same outcomes, and listening to the company’s heartbeat.

By having the previously mentioned benefits and aligning with the objectives of the organization, the value added can be observed in the short and long term.


What should be considered when hiring this type of software development services?

Choosing to hire a Nearshore development team allows you to pick talent with the best standards, techniques, and practices such as the Agile methodology or Test-driven development which enable constant releases to monitor progress. These & other practices have demonstrated their effectiveness over the years, in international markets, and on a wide variety of industries.

For this reason, first off it is important to carry out a detailed analysis of suitable programmers, and decide which team will be able to offer you the quality of service you need for your project; level of knowledge, education, experience & even language.

It is important to emphasize that many times the cheapest option may seem the most tempting, however, choose the Nearshore team that is best prepared to meet the goals and objectives of the business. There are thousands of people around the world who could perform a technical job, but the effective options for this type of engagement are significantly slimmer. Consider factors proven to have more weight in software, such as effective communication, and the application of techniques that prepare for inevitabel change & allow future flexibility.

Creating Software is an investment, Learn to build Durable, Flexible & Scalable solutions

Although hiring a remote team opens the doors to choose one anywhere in the world, do not ignore the fact that other countries have a time zone opposite to yours, which negatively impacts communication. It is important to ensure that the objectives of the project and the goals to be achieved are clearly understood, since the success or failure of the project depends on this. Applying an agile software development methodology helps catch misunderstandings early and quickly reorient the team.

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